Data triggered Live streaming for the sports betting industry

Sport Mediastream delivers low latency, superior picture quality streaming services to betting operators in the UK & Ireland and around the world. We developed our platform and our “event by event” streaming capabilities with the specific interests of the betting industry in mind.

Over 120 Million Unique streams served annually

We’re streaming content up to 18 hours a day, 364 days a year. We deliver over 11 million unique streams every month, event by event, using both manual and automated data triggers in a way that perfectly suits the demands of betting operators and their customers.

How it All Works

We ingest content via satellite or over IP at our London data centre. We then simultaneously encode each source feed into the required profiles for each product ensuring the lowest latency. Our platform creates “events” using both automated and manual event creation data. An encoded stream is then passed through our CDN, any specified geo-blocking rules are applied and the stream is delivered seamlessly to the right, pre-qualified end user available to view on Apple or Android mobile devices and PC/Mac.




& Decoding